Inviting Entryways

Fall is here and with it comes amazing colors and the anticipation of holidays!

Look for our recent Fall tips in the November issue of Winston-Salem Monthly.

cover of November issue

You will find our thoughts on how to make this season even more enjoyable as well as a few tips from the gardening notebook.

A quick thought:

Autumn displays are wonderful ways to welcome guests and passersby.  One possibility for an accent piece to your front porch, stoop, or entryway can include displays of ornamental kale with willow shoots coming out through the middle to add height and interest.  Collections of squashes add color that reflects the leaves in the landscape.

A simple Kale and colorful Squash display welcomes guests

This is a great time to prepare for the winter months as well as the upcoming spring.  Most importantly though, it is a time to enjoy the season with its abundance of colors and crisp cool air!


2 thoughts on “Inviting Entryways

  1. Hi Jeff!
    I’m new to the blog world but I look forward to getting your insights, tips and “promotional stuff.” Very nice presentation today. I’m glad you are part of the referral group. I hope it will be productive and I look forward to helping you in that regard.
    Good wishes,
    Jennifer Ertl

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